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Beetsma is a subsidiary of the Van Koppen & Van Eijk, Dutch holding company, which is one of the leaders in the Netherlands recruitment industry. We are providing professional methods of selection and recruitment the best employees for permanent and temporary work in Poland and other countries. We cooperate with production companies across the country and assist in the employment of workers at various levels.

106 job offers in Poland and abroad!

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Current job offers

  • 8/16/2016
    Warszawa Bemowo: Personel do obsługi sklepu internetowego
    Poszukujemy osób do obsługi sklepu internetowego jednego z supermarketów

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  • 8/16/2016
    Warszawa: Akcja inwentaryzacji !
    Poszukujemy osób do akcji inwentaryzacji na terenie Warszawy i okolic

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  • 8/16/2016
    Mory: Personel do obsługi sklepu internetowego
    Poszukujemy osób do obsługi sklepu internetowego jednego z supermarketów koło miejscowości Mory

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  • 8/16/2016
    Pracownik pomocniczy w supermarkecie
    Agencja Pracy Beetsma (nr rej 5169) dla swojego Klienta międzynarodowej sieci supermarketów poszukuje kandydatów do pracy na stanowisku Pracownik pomocniczy w supermarkecie

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Constant contact

We care for goodemployee relations by providing continous care and support.

People working abroad are provided with transport, accommodation and insurance package.


We work only with reliable business partners, so you don’t need to worry about job security.

We meet the deadline, so your salary will always be paidon time.

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Saving time and money

You don’t need to carry out the selection procedure. We will do this for you and choose the best candidates.

You will minimize recruitment costs andreduce workload in your HR department.


Leave us contract, insurance,taxes or payments issues.

We can also check the attendance register, required medical examinations and carry out the OHS training.

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What distinguishes us?

Availability 24/7

We are available at any time you need, 24 hours a day.

You can come to our office, call us or contact us via form on the page.

Credibility & reliability

We operate in accordance with regulations and care for the highest quality of services.

Our activities are documented by certificates

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Nationwide reach

Our offices are located in major Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz or Rzeszow, so you can find us easily.

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